Fiji - Women for [union executive] posts

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02 May 2008

Women for posts: WOMEN have been urged to be more assertive in pursuing executive positions in the union movement.

Fiji Teachers Union president Bal Ram said there were very few female union executives.  Mr Ram said this was also true for their union at their annual conference in Nadi last Friday.  Mr Ram said he hoped more women candidates would contest executive positions in their national elections next year.  He said FTU fully promoted women by providing grants to the women's wing for leadership and eagerly awaits the day when we will have the first woman president and general secretary."

"I hope women will not wait further but to put up strong women candidates in the FTU national elections in 2009," he said.  However, he said despite the commitment by FTU, women themselves had not shown much interest in pursuing posts of responsibilities even at branch level.  Mr Ram said the union had gone a long way in trying to promote women to enhance their career paths by ensuring they had equal promotion opportunities.

Mr Ram said women had to become more assertive in applying for posts of responsibilities with the union's support.  He said the path into the future was a very challenging one as the nation stood at the crossroads in which its people were its greatest asset.  He said the onus was on everyone to collectively stand by the principle of trade unionism that had become the cornerstone of the FTU's identity at this very difficult time.

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