Fiji - Call to Involve women in electoral process

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29 March 2012

It is very important that women are included in political processes says Femlink Pacific Executive Director, Sharon Bhagwan Rolls. Rolls says it is the responsibility of political parties and the state to see how they can integrate gender equality and human rights for women in this process.

“The women’s movement keeps working not just towards the election but beyond where the work is going to be far more important, so the women’s movement will continue to contribute to women’s capacities at the local level in whatever the process is. I think what is really important is that the key political players ensure that women are participating and what are calling for is get women involved in the planning stages, get women involved in helping you determine what a participatory process would look like for women.” She says civil society organisations, particularly those who are from feminist movements should play an important role in the consultation and preparing of the upcoming constitution making process.

[Fiji Broadcasting Corporation News - Shireen Lata

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