Fiji - Call for women to join poll process

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24 October 2008
Gyan Deo and Asenaca Navitiba at the election workshop at Deuba.
Gyan Deo and Asenaca Navitiba at the election workshop at Deuba.

Supervisor of Elections Felicity Heffernan says it's important for women to be part of the electoral process.  Ms Heffernan made the comment at a workshop on gender-based elections cycle at the Lagoon Resort in Pacific Harbour yesterday.  She said the whole concept of gender-based elections refers to how women could contribute to the process of elections in Fiji.

She said participants at the two-day workshop came from the elections office, former parliamentarians, and political parties and from other non-governmental organisations.  Ms Heffernan said election was not only about those who were able to come to the polling centres to cast their vote but it was also about making the elections accessible to those who were not able to come to the polling stations.

"We are looking at issues dealing with health, disabilities and the accessibility of voting stations to voters," said Ms Heffernan.

Salaseini Naiduku, the education officer at the Elections Office, said the workshop was a follow-up to the Papua New Guinea action roadmap.  Ms Naiduku, who attended the gender-based election cycle workshop in PNG, said one of the roadmaps from PNG was the issue of lobbying for women to be involved in training for voting and elections.  She said this workshop was the first one with more to follow.

[Fiji Times - Monika Singh]

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