Port Vila woman candidate Maryanne Bani invites Australian visitors to cultural day

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A candidate for the Port Vila Constituency, Maryanne Bani has invited Australian visitors to a cultural day to raise awareness about need for resources for the people of rural Vanuatu.

During a rare historical visit to a rural village, Teouma Bush Council welcomed Australian visitors Ms Susan Jarnason and her family in Sydney Australia to share in a day of enjoyable cultural festivities. Chief of the Teouma Council took the opportunity to raise awareness about the concerns and needs of the local community.

This includes basic needs like adequate health care (local clinic), water pump for clean drinking water and transport for medical emergencies, elderly and students.

Ms Bani, a long time local community worker and human rights activist organised the visit.
She felt it was important to raise awareness with the visitors at the same time introducing them to the unique culture and people of Vanuatu.

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