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Niue is a small island state with a population of approximately 1200 people. The national legislature has 20 Members of Parliament. The electoral system is a hybrid - with a first-past-the-post system in 14 village constituencies and a Block Vote for 6 common roll, island-wide seats. Elections are held every three years.

The 2008 national elections were very encouraging for women candidates. Four women were elected from the island-wide constituency, including two new women members. However, in 2011, this number was reduced, with three women elected.

Current National Women MPs

Past National Women MPs
Past National Women Candidate
Hon. Joan Sisiati Tahafa Viliamu
Party: N/A
Electorate: Common Roll Membet
Province: N/A
Political Status: Minister for Health & Community Affairs

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Hon. Va'aiga Paotama Tukuitonga
Party: N/A
Electorate: Alofi North
Province: N/A
Political Status: Member of Parliament

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Hon. Taulelehemaama Salilo Tongia
Party: None
Electorate: Makefu
Province: N/A
Political Status:

Past Sub-National Women Candidate

Current Sub-National Women
Past Sub-National Women
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