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Hon Rereao Tetaake Eria
Party: Boutokan Te Koaua (Government)
Electorate: Teraina
Province: Line Islands
Political Status: Member, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association - Kiribati Branch

Biographical Data

Hon. Rereao Tetaake Eria is an elected MP from her constituency Teraina in the Line Islands. This marks her 2nd term as an MP since 2007-2011 to 2011 to date, taking over her husband MP Tetaake Eria who could no longer run for MP as he has reached the maximum of his term to become an MP.

Hon. Eria was a Post Mistress at the Betio Post Office. She obtained a Certificate in Early Childhood Education at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji and later became a Teacher and Coordinator at the Early Childhood Education, University of the South Pacific, Teaoraereke (Kiribati Branch), also at the Teachers’ Training College on South Tarawa.

Hon. Eria used to be a General Secretary for the Trade Union Congress in Kiribati. She works with the Foundation for the People of the South Pacific (FSP) as a Health Educator and she was also a Community Liaison Officer for the Water and Sanitation Project, funded by AusAID in Christmas Island.

Hon. Eria is a Member of the Board of Directors at various Governmental companies the Kiribati Provident Fund, Kiribati Housing Cooperation, and Captain Cook Hotel. She a member of Women’s Organization at her constituency Teraina

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