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Niue is a small island state with a population of approximately 1200 people. The national legislature has 20 Members of Parliament. The electoral system is a hybrid - with a first-past-the-post system in 14 village constituencies and a Block Vote for 6 common roll, island-wide seats. Elections are held every three years.

Niue's next elections is scheduled for Saturday 6th May, 2017. 

Out of the 51 candidates contesting the 6 common roll seats and the 14 village constituency seats, 12 are female candidates.

A full list of the candidates disaggregated by gender can be accessed here

From media reports, provisional election results as of 11th May indicate that five women have been successfully elected into Parliament.  These provisional election results will boost women's representation in parliament from last year's 10 percent to now 25 percent, the highest female representation ever seen in the Fono Ekepule (Parliament).

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